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Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Located at Champ de Mars, opposite the Trocadero to the north across the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower was constructed between 1887 and 1889 for the Exposition Universelle (Universal Exhibition) to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution.

The Tower was inaugurated in March, 1889, when architect Gustave Eiffel walked up its 1,710 steps to place the French flag at its top. It was the tallest building in the World at the time, and it remained so for 40 years, until it was overtaken by the Chrysler Building in New York City.

The Eiffel Tower is 324 metres (about 1,060 feet) high, including its antennae, and weighs 10,100 tons. It is repainted every seven years, an undertaking which requires 60 tons of paint every time it is done.

The Tower attracts over 7 million visitors a year, making it the most visited paid monument in the World.

There are three levels for you to visit. You can walk or take a lift to the first and second levels, each with 300 steps, but the third level is accessible only by lift.

Apart from the magnificent views over Paris, you can see a representation of Gustave Eiffel's original office, which has waxworks of Eiffel himself, together with his daughter Claire and their guest, the American inventor Thomas Edison.

Gustave Eiffel engraved 72 names of French scientists, engineers and other notables on the Tower. The engraving was painted over early in the 20th century, but was restored in the 1980s.

There are two restaurants - "Altitude 95" on the first floor, and the "Jules Verne", which has a Michelin star, on the second floor.

Visiting Address:
 Champ de Mars - 5, av. Anatole France
 75007 Paris

Nearest Metro:
 Line 6, Stations Bir-Hakeim, Dupleix
 Lines 6 and 12, Station Trocadero
 Line 8, Station Ecole Militaire

Opening Hours:
 Open every day all year round
- January 1 to June 12 and September 1 to December 31, 9.30am to 11.00pm
- June 13 to August 31, 9.00am to midnight.

Construction Date:
 1887 - 1889

 Gustave Eiffel

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