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Paris Hotel Reservations

If you are looking to make Paris Hotel Reservations, there are a number of options open to you. Briefly, you can book a Paris vacation package, which includes travel and hotel together.

Or you can be an independent traveller and book directly with your hotel, quite separately from your travel. This is becoming much more popular nowadays, thanks to the fact that you can contact your hotel and make a booking directly over the Internet.

A third option is to use the services of a hotel consolidator. Essentially, hotel consolidators buy hotel rooms in bulk and then re-sell them to consumers at discounted prices. You can often get a better deal this way than you can if you book directly with the hotel, and you can certainly make hotel comparisons much more easily. The downside is that consolidators don't have contracts with every hotel.

Finally, you can look to take advantage of last minute deals. You can get these online via special last minute operators, or you may be able to get a last minute deal direct from a specific hotel. This is more work, but if you call the hotel direct, you may be able to get the last minute deal you want.

Paris Hotel Rooms

There are significant differences between typical hotel rooms in the USA and those in Paris. You can take a look at what to expect from typical Paris Hotel Rooms by clicking on this link. 

Paris Hotel Rates

According to the Paris Tourist Bureau, but depending on location, time of year and major events, you can expect the price of a typical double hotel room to be in the following ranges, according to their classification:

Make your Paris Hotel Reservations at these websites

Listed below are some great companies you can use to make your Paris Hotel Reservations online. Click on the links to find unbiased reviews of their strengths and weaknesses.

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