Why Visit Paris
For People Who Want To Visit Paris Someday


Walk 1: The Traditional or Classic Paris Walk

Eiffel Tower from Montparnasse Tower 2

This walk is designed so that you can see some of the most famous and iconic sights in the World. It's a long walk, but it's very flat and there are many cafes and restaurants, where you can stop for a well deserved break.

The sequence in which you visit the individual landmarks will depend on your starting point, but if you want to see many of the most famous sights in Paris, then this is a great itinerary.

Such a walk would include the following famous places, but don't expect to go into all of them on such an introductory walk. You could spend several days in the Louvre by itself.

Starting at Notre Dame, you could walk as follows:

Notre Dame
St. Chapelle
Hotel de Ville
Louvre Museum
Tuileries Gardens
Place de la Concorde
Alexander III Bridge
Petit Palais
Grand Palais
Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
Ecole Militaire
Napoléon's Tomb
Les Invalides
Assemblee Nationale
Musée D'Orsay

How long should you allow?

Perhaps 4 hours for a walk of 5 miles or 8 kilometres, obviously longer if you have breaks for coffee or lunch.

The photo shows the Eiffel Tower, with the Trocadero and La Défense in the background.