Why Visit Paris
For People Who Want To Visit Paris Someday


Walk 2: The Latin Quarter Walk


This walk takes you to some of the very oldest places in Paris - back to the Middle Ages and beyond.

It has a great mix of history, culture, gardens and fun. You can vary the itinerary somewhat if you want, either by changing the order of places to visit, or by leaving some of them out.

The terrain is flat, so the walking is pretty easy, but mind the traffic.

Starting at the Conciergerie, you could walk as follows:

St. Chapelle
Notre Dame
Pointe Zero
Les Bouquinistes
Place St. Michel
Cluny Museum
Sorbonne University
St. Etienne du Mont
Luxembourg Gardens
St. Germain Church and Neighborhood
St. Sulpice

How Long should you allow?

Perhaps 3 Hours for a walk of about 3 miles or 5 kilometres, but more if you stop for coffee or lunch, or if you linger at any of the sights. Luxembourg Gardens is a great place to relax for a while.

The photo shows a rear view of Notre Dame Cathedral.