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Argos Travel Insurance Review

You can save money on travel insurance if you are a UK traveller by
arranging your travel insurance with Argos Travel here.

Travel Insurance for UK Customers

You should always be insured, when you travel.

Why? Well, you need to cover the risks you might face on your trip, such as medical treatment expenses, baggage loss or damage, cancellation of your trip, and even medical evacuation.

Don't think it can't happen to you. It has certainly happened to me. Some years ago, my son (then aged 10), broke his leg very badly, while our family was on vacation in Spain. He was in hospital for several days, and we had to make special arrangements for his flight home.

We did have comprehensive travel cover, and thank goodness we did. Not only were all the costs covered by the insurance company, but they were also just a phone call away, and they were able to help with all the practical issues involved.

Trust me, don't skimp on travel insurance, and make sure it covers all the family.

Juust to emphasise this point, here's a recent press release from ABTA, which indicates that one in five travellers don't get travel insurance, because they do not understand the risks they are taking.

ABTA Reveals One in Five Still Travelling Uninsured
Date published: 04 October 2011

One in five, 20% of travellers, are still running the risk of sky high medical bills when travelling abroad through not taking out travel insurance in spite of recent high profile cases highlighting the significant risks of doing so to both health and finances. The alarming statistic was revealed by the 2011 ABTA Consumer Trends survey at The Travel Convention in Palma Mallorca. This fact may be partly explained by 21% mistakenly believing that the UK Government will cover their bills in the event that something goes wrong. One in four, 25% of 15-24 year olds think that this is the case.

17% also believe that travel insurance is unnecessary when travelling in Europe if they have a European Health Insurance Card which provides access to basic state medical care and a further 26% mistakenly believe that an EHIC card will cover their repatriation costs if they fall ill or have an accident and have to be flown back to the UK.

John de Vial, ABTA Head of Financial Protection said: “It is very worrying that so many people are putting their health and finances at risk by travelling abroad without insurance. Many wrongly assume that it is the Foreign Office’s responsibility to pay for their hospital bills, particularly younger travellers. In the current economic climate customers should be careful to purchase insurance at the time of booking their holiday to obtain cancellation cover for redundancy as well as any potential illness prior to travelling. ”

Lynda St Cooke of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office said: “We remain very concerned at the numbers of people travelling without comprehensive travel insurance and then ending up severely out of pocket. If British travellers get into difficulties overseas, there are things the nearest British Embassy or Consulate can do, including contacting friends and family for them, and giving them information on how to safely transfer money from the UK.

"But consular staff cannot pay hospital bills for British travellers, nor fly them home if they run out of holiday money."

Less than a half of consumers, 44%, purchased travel insurance for trips within the UK exposing them to the risk of losing money as they would be unable to claim for cancellation charges if they fell ill or lost their job before travelling. 68% think that travel insurance is more important for trips abroad than in the UK.


Argos Travel Insurance For UK customers

You can get your insurance cover either by having an annual travel insurance policy, or by having insurance for a specific journey.

If you book through your local travel agent, they will be only too pleased to offer you travel insurance as an add on to your trip. But that tends to be expensive. So why pay travel agent prices?

If you are in the UK, Argos Travel offer cover for all your holiday requirements, from short 3-day trips to regular annual holidays, so you can get cover just for a Paris city break for a few days, if you want. A choice of cover is available depending on where you are going and who you are travelling with. Single trip cover is available for people up to the age of 70 and annual multi-trip cover for people up to the age of 65. They also do gap year cover for individuals or couples up to age 35.

Here is a summary of the benefits you can get with Argos Travel, wherever you are travelling:

* You can arrange cover for a variety of destinations (for example, the UK, Europe, Worldwide with or without the Caribbean and the USA). This means you don't pay for more cover than you need.
* Policies are available for single-parent families, or for individuals.

* Family cover can include the whole family - two adults and up to 4 dependent children.

* Cover for couples includes partners of the same sex.

* 3 day short trip/city break cover available

* UK holidays can be covered

* Baggage cover is included as standard

* Every Argos Travel policy includes coverage for essential medical expenses and cancellation.

* You can get optional extra cover for winter sports, golfing holidays, business trips and weddings

You can check out the costs of arranging your travel insurance with Argos Travel here.